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How to Assing Scale and Rotate Transform.

Jun 24, 2011 at 4:33 PM

Hello Guys I am Using WriteableBitmapEx and I am phasing problem to assing RotateTransform and ScaleTransform.

suppose I have two Image Image1 and Image2,

and my Image1 like this.

		<RotateTransform x:Name="Rotator"> 
				<Binding ElementName="sldVerHorizontal" Path="Value" Mode="TwoWay"/> 
		<ScaleTransform x:Name="Scale">
				<Binding ElementName="sldZoomInOut" Path="Value" Mode="TwoWay"/>
				<Binding ElementName="sldZoomInOut" Path="Value" Mode="TwoWay"/>

Rotator.Angle -= 90;


Rotator.Angle += 90;


Scale.ScaleX += 0.01;

Scale.ScaleY += 0.01;



Scale.ScaleX -= 0.01;

Scale.ScaleY -= 0.01;

So I am assing the value like this 
image2.RenderTransform = image1.RenderTransform
it will not work correct me..