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UIElement method for the synthesis of the two

Oct 8, 2012 at 9:43 PM


In the Windows Store app, load a picture into Image1 For example, I have repeated images Image1 Image2 on top of the read. Image2 is free to move, scale is possible. I want to save the synthesis and Image2 Image1 in this state. I want to save while holding the position of holding the size has been scaled Image2 been moved. If Windows Phone is using the InkPresenter
Dim wb as New WriteableBitmap (Inkpresenter, Nothing)
To specify, but can be saved with the image that was placed in the Inkpresenter, InkPresenter It does not have a Windows app store, UIElement can not also specify the WriteableBitmap. Meaning is a little different because I have to say the API to synthesize two images, synthesis and processing of this time, I do not know what to do processing. I guess there is no API or something that can be saved by combining the image. Please tell me who you know.

Thank you.